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I am a collection of organic molecules called Meghan. We are star stuff.


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Anonymous said: Do you think its time the world needs to drop religion and stop killing each other over whose imaginary friend is better so we can focus on real problems such as famine, disease and the health of the world? I sure do. For too long religious right has been in control and its time for change. We can either all be one and work together, or they can be left behind to perish as those who believe in science and a better world reach newer heights and planets

Yes, yes, yes. I completely agree. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that something like that would be possible. I think that if society stopped thinking that intelligence and education were such a bad thing, there might be a compromise. Religion might still be able to exist peacefully, but science and technology could begin to help society even more. Does that make sense?


A note to Theists

This is still one of my favorite post on Tumblr. 
Does someone want to send me some messages?

Seriously, though. I’m bored. I love it when you guys talk to me. Literally, I’ll answer anything.

chatfish said: Classic rock playlist for your blog includes: Back in Black and Highway to Hell. (wait...)



When ever I questioned the Bible in my high school theology class, I felt like this was their only response..http://proud-atheist.tumblr.com

We need more kids like thishttp://proud-atheist.tumblr.com